Restaurant Ownership: Tips for Budding Restauranteurs


Owning your own business is possibly the best fulfillment of the American dream. The feeling of pride in ownership that someone can call their own is unparalleled. A excellent option for a personal business venture is to own one’s own restaurant. Fort those who love food there is nothing greater than serving their favorite cuisine and serving clients dietary needs. The amount of work that goes into it, however, is pretty high. There are a great deal of things to consider long before the first plate goes out to a client. The first and most important factor in the success or failure of a restaurant venture is going to be securing the capital. It is going to require a huge initial investment in order to purchase or rent a commercial space, and prepare it to serve meals. Once a location is secured it’s necessary to construct it out to suit your requirements. There has to be a dining room constructed and the interior has to be decorated. Then, a commercial kitchen needs to be built or fitted with appliances. This alone can run into the several hundred thousand dollars range. This money will probably have to come from a loan, but many lenders are wary of investing in this sort of venture, since it’s often several years before it starts turning a profit. Extra money will be necessary in this time, simply to keep it afloat. All of this adds up to the need for a critical investment from investors in addition to loans. Another significant concern is how best to staff the restaurant. Sure, it’s important to find great waiters, waitresses, and hostesses to provide the customer a great experience, but the real need is for a seasoned and skilled chef. The skills of a great chef will go a long way towards making a business successful. This individual can create a menu and also frequently brings in a whole staff of assistant chefs with them. Many plan on trying to run the kitchen themselves, which is fine if they are great, but they also expect to be able to run the cash side of things. Either a person needs to run the business side of things, or the cooking but it’s nigh impossible to do both. Finally, a restaurant should know what its clientele will be. If someone opens a fine dining establishment a block from the local university, they are likely to not do as well as though they’d opened a pizza parlor. The exact same is true of opening a shop in the downtown area, and then staying open late into the evening. It is critical to consider who will be eating in your place, and when. If there is not likely to be anybody around during certain areas of the day, it isn’t worth being open. Think about whom the customer will be, before beginning to create the interior. If people will be coming into the restaurant to order a sandwich to go, there’s absolutely no need to construct a beautiful dining room.


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