List Of The Best Tourist Attractions In Vietnam

If you ever travel to Vietnam, then surely your target will be to visit the best tourist attractions in Vietnam. So here are some names of the most highly rated places of Vietnam ranked by the tourists. Nha Trang: If you love beaches and pagodas, then this is the place for you. Even you will get Cham Towers of Po Nagar constructed by the Hindus.Hanoi: If you love lakes, temples, parks monuments then definitely this is the place for you.

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam. This place is also very well known for the coexistence of traditional and modern cultures. If you love peace, then visit this place once. Ho Chi Minh City: Again, here you will get to see some beautiful Pagodas like the very famous Giac Lam. If you are inclined towards the culture and art, then you should visit Note Dame Cathedral and the Museum. Do not miss out the palace of Reunification. Also here the nightlife is alive. You will get to see some beautiful and exciting lounges discos and restaurants.

Dalat: This place is very famous for the beautiful greenery and also the mountains. Here the tribal village is also considered as one of the best tourist attractions of Vietnam. Some other attractions in Dalat are the crazy houses
golf club and the galleries.

In Vietnam, you can do horse riding as well as boating too. Some other famous tourist attractions in Vietnam are the extraordinary beautiful palace of the Bao Dai. This palace is well known for its beautiful architectures. The valley of love and its festivals have been the most preferred sightseeing zones of the tourists for the last many years.

Some other places which the tourist have rated as the best tourist attractions in Vietnam are the Halong Bay and also the beautiful grotto caves of the Hang Dau Go. So don’t waste time thinking to visit Vietnam now.

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