Restaurants: 5 Smart Ways To Reduce Calorie Intake


Visiting restaurants occasionally doesn’t mean you have to blow your diet. But if you are smart and avoid certain things on the menu, you will not feel guilty or have to unbutton your pants on the ride home. Try to stick to destinations that you know have choices you enjoy which are on the healthy side of things. When trying a new place; nonetheless, here are five ideas that will help you weed out the junk so you can find a nutritious meal. 1. No CondimentsAt home you can control the amount of butter, mayo, and oil you use in your meals, but at restaurants the chefs are heavy handed with most condiments. 1 tablespoon of mayo can average 60 calories, that’s the equivalent to a egg or entire pear (both of which are far more filling). If you still want some flavor, request any fat-loaded sauces on the side so that you can smear a small amount in your meals. Or you might try some low cal but still yummy options like mustard and balsamic vinaigrette. 2. Wise SidesSide dishes are often where a healthful meal falls to bits. A little piece of grilled chicken that is flanked by a mound of buttery mashed potatoes, French fries, or garlic bread will not do your waistline any favors. If you are craving a little bit of junk, request a half portion or share with a friend.3. If you prefer to end a meal with something sweet, then share a little dessert with the entire table, and pick a lighter option such as frozen yogurt or fruit. If an appetizer seems too tempting to resist, have it instead of the principal course. The parts for appetizers are smaller, but if you throw in a green side salad you will feel plenty full later. 4. PreparationThe way the food is prepared has a great impact on its nutritional value. Avoid anything pan or deep fried and barbecued. Frying entails heavy oil and sugary sauces that result in a calorie spike, even if you order chicken. Grilled, steamed, or seared are the most healthful choices (or if you want sushi, give raw a go). Most restaurants will have particular healthy or heart smart choices that are prepared more carefully for dieters. 5. No DairyToo often people forget that big pieces of dairy are very unhealthy. Just a tiny bit of egg, cheese or milk is fine, but smothering white bread in mozzarella isn’t a good idea. Most restaurants are generous with cheese because it is what people like. If you’re ordering a dish which has cheese in it, request a lighter portion, or if you can, go without.

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