10 Most Unusual & Unusual Restaurants in the World

10 Most Unusual & Unusual Restaurants in the World

From toilet bowl dishes to mad robots, we’re counting down the 10 most strange and unusual restaurants in the world.

Our list:

7: Aquarium Restaurant
6: Yello Treehouse
5: A-380 In-Flight Kitchen
4: Robot Restaurant
3: ChillOut Lounge
2: S’Baggers
1: Grotta Palazzese


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Alice Pretend Princess & playing Restaurant with Kitchen Toys

Alice Pretend Princess & playing in Restaurant with Kitchen Toys

Alice Smile Pretend Play as a Chef in Restaurant and Cooks Food with Kitchen Toys. Princesses Frozen Elsa And Anna a traffic in café. Alice Smile Cooking Food for Princesses and tries very difficult to make her cafe better!
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AIB : Honest Bars & Restaurants | Part 01

Part 01

Part 01
We have an honest look at bars and restaurants!

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How Carpet Cleaners Can Save a Restaurant Business?


Before investing in the right carpet
Cleaners, it is important to understand what kind of cleaning challenges these
machines will be up against. Carpets in restaurant dining areas are generally
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they not only look great, they’re generally of high-quality as well. A dirty
rug can create a very bad impression on clients and can ruin the overall
impact of the restaurant’s look. These carpets are exposed to an almost
constant train of visitors, with people bringing in dirt, mud and water from
the outside. In very busy restaurants, it can be near impossible to locate the
best time to clean these areas. In other words, the stains and deposits are not only
permitted to settle in the carpet, they’re also trampled and earth into the
material as well.

With a range of food and liquid spills. A diminished piece of chocolate cake, a
dab of tomato sauce, or spilled wine can all be tough enough to wash. When dealing
with restaurant carpets, the issue is increased.

Actually, in a single night, the carpet may be
Subjected to many distinct sorts of spills. T area must be cleaned completely
so that it’s ready for the next day’s business.


Restaurant carpet cleaners will need to have the ability to work effectively. These carpet
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Water during the cleaning process. This doesn’t mean these carpet extractors
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Restaurants vs Dhaba || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Tamada Media

Ever wondered how your behavior changes when you enter a sophisticated restaurant? And when you think of yourself at a Dhaba, which of those places do you think you are more yourself?

Cast : Jahnavi Dasetty, Natasha
DOP: Gouse

Titles: BSP Roy

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Thank you for Subscribing…. XOXO
Live the Moment. Cheers. . !!!

#TamadaMedia #Wirally #Mahathalli


Restaurants Lancashire a Amazing Fine Dining Experience

One of many restaurants spread across Lancashire I discovered Restaurant provided by the Clog and Billy the best one. You might be thinking that how can I suggest you the name of only one restaurants that’s best in the city, right? It is because as being a food informed I had hunted out various kinds of restaurants famous in Lancashire. And even I visited to a few of them too and had compared foods made by the chefs of some of those restaurants and this way I discovered that the best Restaurants Lancashire.  Be assured this restaurant is trustworthy which will mesmerize you with their real food, real pub and real beer. Do pay a visit to the finest Ribble Valley Inn brought by’the clog and the Billy clog’, beautiful non-metropolitan town in England. As, Lancashire is the origin of this Lancashire hotpot Restaurants in Blackburn are renowned for its great dish that is a casserole dish traditionally made with lamb. You cannot only wet your mouth with only this dish but other conventional delicious dishes that will make your mouth melt  comprise frumenty, pobs, potato hotpot, nettle porridge, rag pudding and a lot more in Lancashire. It’s a lot more to provide you with. This majestic place Lancashire not only provides you the pleasure of having fond memories, laughter and life but also it will leave you mesmerized with its good excellent food.

Restaurants Lancashire functions their duty and responsibility of maintaining its tradition alive in addition to the varieties of cuisines that are popular among the people and the visitors who come to respect the rural splendor of Lancashire. These Ribble Valley Inn chefs have been serving people since hundred and fifty years. Guys! Can you believe that it has been 150 years that they are at your service? And what is more surprising is that there are not any single customers who have filed a single complaint against them. CoolArticle Search, isn’t it? 

Pull a Full Stop to Your Search to find Restaurants in Cumbria

Friends! I have to say that restaurants in Cumbria will surely offer you a classic sense, a heavenly touch. Here you can adopt the taste of regional cookery with full pleasure of real beer. It is one of the best restaurants of the Ribble Valley Inn located in the Lake District that gives your eyes an amazing appeal. Consuming delicious food alongside the lake is an wonderful experience guys. You will love this experience.  It has been a month I haven’t been able to overlook the odor of the green lush surrounding of that restaurants, the aromatic feeling of mouthwatering food and the awesome lake side view. What a time it was, Aw!  Still I want to be in that Position. Waiting for next weekend to be there so I can enjoy the delicious cuisine again which is prepared by world’s best chef. The Highwayman Ribble Valley Inn is not a’gastro pub’ but a 21st century version of’the local’, with the inclusion of regional food of outstanding quality and imagination, and a line of beers and wines to add even more to the ideal experience.
Not only will these restaurants in Cumbria give you a warm welcome by their delicious food that’s prepared by world’s best chefs but also there’s much more for you to enjoy by them. Have unlimited fun with real food, real pub and real beer.  Restaurants in Cumbria have got awesome menu to offer to their guests. Dishes that have huge appeal to all fans of Good Food in the Lake District including kids are offered over here. This restaurant is the perfect mixture and a perfect mix of terrific taste.
 Go for it friendsFree Reprint Articles, you will love it.

Very best restaurant software in India

Which later resulted in the need for software that handles all of the restaurant working easily.

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“The younger generations are driving electronic ordering, which is growing 300 percent faster than dine-in traffic”

You scroll down various food outlets.

Which later resulted in the need for software that handles all of the restaurant working easily.

There are various software’s that are user-friendly and interactive software solution that equips the companies with enhanced performance tools. They look after automation solution for a table, order, invoices, bar, employees, recipe, raw material, stock, accounts, payroll, etc. packed in a single platform. Isn’t it interesting? Your entire task will be finished in a click.

TechJockey is one of its type platform that delivers end to end software solutions using a striking presence in Indian business sector. They are conveying the latest software solutions to suite one’s IT needs and spending plan, to support viability for TechJockey’s customers.

If you are searching for restaurant applications online, then take a look at few applications available on the platform.

Restaurant Biz

Restaurant Biz is an ultimate solution handling the automation solution for hotels, restaurants and eateries. This restaurant program enables effective management of BOT & KOT, billing, bars, recipes, food costing, raw material, tables and bookings, orders, takeaways, etc..

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BEST TO WORST: Epcot Table-Service Restaurants RANKED!

BEST TO WORST: Epcot Table-Service Restaurants RANKED!

It’s finally time to do this ranking! I’ve taken my time as it’s just SO difficult to rank such distinct dining locations when you have to take expertise, characters, food quality, service, price, and more into account, so be sure to let us know in the comments what you believe and what your experiences have been at these restaurants!

You could be surprised by a couple of these positions, too. . .so take a look!

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