Amazing Michelin Star THAI FOOD at Le Du | Asia's 50 Best Restaurants

Amazing Michelin Star THAI FOOD in Le Du | Asia's 50 Best Restaurants

Best of Bangkok food tour with The Hungry Tourist:

Le Du is one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and a Michelin Star restaurant in Bangkok from the talented Chef Ton. I’ve been friend’s with Chef Ton for a while, but this was my first time to eat at Le Du, so I was very excited.

In 2018 Le Du is #14 on Asia’s 50 Best:

During the very best of Bangkok Food Tour with The Hungry Tourist, Puppup, and Mark Wiens (myself), 1 evening our entire group ate at Le Du, and all of us were impressed by Chef Ton’s skill at re-interpreting Thai dishes. It was an incredible meal.

Listed below are the main dishes we ate at Le Du Restaurant:

Grouper, kale, chuchee curry
River prawn, shrimp paste rice
Grilled pork “khao kha moo”
Free range chicken
Coconut panna cotta, charcoal ice cream

People featured in this video:
David (The Hungry Tourist):
Chef Ton (Le Du):

Thank you to Chef Ton for an amazing gourmet Thai food meal at Le Du, I would strongly recommend Le Du for a special, unique, and seasonal Thai fine dining experience.

Thank you to The Hungry Tourist ( and Puppup ( for arranging this Bangkok food tour and meal.


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Our Choice of Restaurants for Business Dinners in London

These three restaurants in London are best for dining clients. Immediate Heathrow, Stanstead and Gatwick airport taxis can make sure to get there on time.

If you are entertaining clients in London you are going to want the lowdown on the best restaurants in town. Total of gastronomic delight, London has an unbelievable selection of places to eat, whether you are looking for traditional British cuisine, elegant Italian or something more exotic. Here are just three of our recommendations.


Style epitomised, Corrigan’s Mayfair is a timeless, sophisticated and elegant restaurant that evokes a sense of nostalgia. Sumptuous white linen, authentic silverware and leather seats set the scene for the culinary experience. Contemporary but traditional food, attentive and professional service and an almost ceremonious atmosphere make this place a fantastic choice for taking clients, whom you can entertain on personal tables. The Sunday lunch is allegedly legendary. A pre-booked Stanstead, Heathrow or Gatwick airport taxi can take you to your hotel, or directly to Carrigan’s, in a comfortable and hassle free manner.

Coq d’Argent

Gorgeous French cuisine served in an amazing rooftop restaurant is what Coq d’Argent is all about. There’s even a festive menu including 3 courses, coffee and truffles for just #47. For a lighter menu, the brasserie and grill provides a less formal but no less elegant atmosphere. Topping off the appeal of this splendid restaurant are the outside terrace and garden area. Book your Heathrow, Stanstead or Gatwick airport taxi in advance and you can be at this restaurant in no time whatsoever.

Think glamour and soave elegance and you know the subject of The Delaunay. Both intimate private dining rooms at this institution, which can seat up to 24 when opened together, are ideal for those looking to host a more personal meeting with their business clients.

Inspired by the fantastic European café scene, this is the ideal place for a relaxed long lunch which may just well linger on into cake and tea if business goes well. A simple transport from Heathrow, Stanstead or Gatwick airport, taxis can be booked in advance.

How To Get There

London is a hub for business travellers and its three chief airports get flights from all of the major European cities, such as Paris, Rome, Milan, Vienna and Berlin. Easily accessible by train, London also has fast trains arriving from major cities like Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow. The M6 and M1 are the main streets leading to the city from the north, the M23 from the south and the M3 and M4 from the west.

If you arrive into one of those airports, you can reserve a Stanstead, Heathrow or Gatwick airport taxi to take you directly to your final destination and make sure you make it to your meeting on time. You can book in advance and organise your return journey tooFree Reprint Articles, should you wish.

Creating Successful Italian Restaurants


Italian restaurants aren’t just within Italy. These establishments can be found all around the world. Whether you are in Texas or Montana, you are certain to find one of those eateries. Although this is correct, there still may be places where there might be a vacancy when it comes to this sort of business. If this is true and you or someone you know is considering establishing one, there are several things you should keep in mind before you open your business.One of the things which help make Italian restaurants unique is the décor. Therefore, this is something that you should keep in mind. Skimping in this region could leave your area looking ordinary and unauthentic. The first thing you might do is buy paintings or photographs which present a true and clear depiction of life in Italy. For example, you might want to include images of a group of children walking to school or a mom cooking pasta in the kitchen. You might even include art work that showcases the country in its former years. In cases like this, you could look for something which depicts Italy during the 1940s or even the 1840s. It’s all up to you. Just make sure that you are educated enough about the country and its history so you can pinpoint whether or not a picture or photograph is introducing a false idea of the area.Along with the decorations, you might also want music playing in the background. A group would make the atmosphere seem more genuine. However, this is not mandatory, especially if you are not able to afford it. So, your clients could be sitting down at a table eating, listening to the music, and imagining they are in a café in Italy. This helps to create terrific feelings and memories for them, which will probably prompt them to return. Perhaps the most important element of Italian restaurants is the food. This is what your customers will ultimately judge your business by. So, you want to make sure that you master this aspect. If you are not already extremely knowledgeable about the many foods of Italy, it is imperative that you get acquainted with this topic. Find out what types of food most people in your region would like that you serve. Conducting a professional survey can do this. Once this is completed, you should be well on your way to fulfilling a culinary emptiness in your own community.

A Guide To Extraordinary Italian Restaurants


There are thousands of unique eateries in america. Out of those thousands, Italian restaurants constitute the group with the most amounts of establishments. Have you ever wondered about the background of these eateries? Here some information so you will have a little background on some of your favourite places to eat.The origin of Italian restaurants is courtesy of the farmers and poor immigrants that were from Italy. These same immigrants based grocery stores, dining facilities and bars that were centrally located within their own neighborhoods. Finally these areas became known to other cultural groups for serving large size portions for really affordable prices.The menus for the Italian restaurants were based on the types of foods that were being cooked at home. These foods, many of which are very famous today include pasta and pizza. One very famous kind of pasta is spaghetti and it’s now an American favorite. There are lots of different types of pasta such as macaroni, and lasagna. Additionally, there are many unique forms of variations.There is no denying that these establishments serve some of the world’s best cuisines. With all the dining establishments near you, you don’t need to travel very far just so that you can have a great dinner and glass of wine.You may be wondering how exactly does one of those places benefit me. There aren’t lots of places you can go out to eat and be provided any wine off your choice. If you are trying to find a wine that is not native to that area, chances are they have it in stock for you. Italian restaurants have some amazing chefs on staff. These chefs can take a few fresh ingredients and transform them in a huge collection of foods with ample servings. Should you try the appetizers, you might not have room for the dinner. It doesn’t matter which you pick, since either option will leave you feeling very full.Contrary to popular belief, the Greeks along with some other cultural groups helped to inspire what we currently know is Italy’s cuisine. Many of the spices and seafood that is incorporated in their dishes were inspired by the Greeks. Also a number of the sauces that are employed in their dishes aren’t made with cream, they’re actually made with vegetable bases, fish, cheese and eggs. The use of liquors, wines and cognacs add flavor into these sauces.Now that you know a little more about cuisines from Italy, don’t you feel like having some lasagna for supper? You might never grow bored with Italian foods as there’s so much diversity and variation.

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Italian Restaurants

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Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants That Straight Up Cheated Customers

Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants Which Straight Up Cheated Customers

Can you name the top 10 fast food restaurants which straight up cheated clients? Greasy, flavorful, deep-fried, cheap and easy to access, speedy food definitely fills a need in the market. Most fast food chains operate with integrity. They give their clients what they ordered, for the prices listed. Others are a bit shadier when it comes to delivering on their promises.  They may not do it all of the time, but it has happened, and some of the scandals triggered by dubious business conduct have been enormous. When you go eat in a fast food restaurant, then you’re not asking for too much. Just a quick, filling meal at a decent price, and decent quality. But sometimes you don’t even get that. So the next time you visit your regional drive-thru for dinner, have a good look at your invoice. So let’s check out the top 10 fast food restaurants which straight up cheated clients. 

Comment #FastFood #FastFoodCheated #CheatedCustomers if you’re upset with these top 10 fast food restaurants which straight up cheated clients.


2:32 McDonald’s May Be Shortchanging You on French Fries
3:50 Chili’s Are Accused of Watering Down Their Cocktails
5:12 Does Chipotle Fib About Calorie Counts? 
6:28 Dunkin’ Donuts Subs Real Butter for Margarine
7:45 KFC Got Sued for False Advertising
8:48 Taco Bell’s “Mystery Meat”
10:00 Are Jumbo Jack Burgers a Ripoff?
11:09 Arby’s Horrible Sandwich Surprise 
12:02 Don’t Go Over Four Toppings in Domino’s Pizza

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Top 10 Fast Food Things Which Are ACTUALLY HEALTHY!

Top 10 Ways All You Can Eat Buffets Make MONEY!

Top 10 Fast Food Things You Should NEVER ORDER According to Reddit!

Top 10 McDonald’s Things You Should NEVER ORDER According to Reddit!

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10 WORST Items to Order From A Chinese Restaurant: UNHEALTHIEST Chinese Foods

10 WORST Items to Order From A Chinese Restaurant: UNHEALTHIEST Chinese Foods

Chinese individuals are usually known for their thin physiques, but don’t let that fool you into believing all the food the Chinese restaurants are clean and healthy. Here are 10 Foods you should NEVER purchase at Chinese restaurants…

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All About the Messina Longueuil


If you haven’t heard of Messina Longueuil, Messina is an Italian restaurant that’s situated in Longueuil in Montreal. This restaurant at Longueuil is said to be among the best no matter if you would like to hang around there with friends, go there for a business lunch or have a corporate event. You can make certain the Italian restaurant Messina will accommodate you perfectly well. The cuisine in the Messina Longueuil isn’t only unique but you also have a vast variety due to its elite multi-ambience idea. This restaurant at Longueuil stands out from other restaurants and is specialized in organizing a variety of events whether it is wedding halls that you might require, VIP lounges, media rooms and so on. You can depend on the Messina restaurant for planning all your events. They provide one of the best where quality service is concerned and not forgetting the food all available at a cost which you can easily afford. To enjoy a good Italian meal there is no better location than the Messina Longueuil; it is undoubtedly the best Italian restaurant in Longueuil.With a vision to create a resto-club, Messina Longueuil was born. It is not just warm and urban, elegant and sophisticated but it also brings together all your preferences and feelings at one area to match your needs. The people running the restaurant in Longueuil just love their profession and are very inventive and make sure that they provide you with fresh food in a beautiful ambience. If you would like to plan your wedding reception in the Messina Longueuil, you can make your booking on their website. Besides, you can also arrange for conferences and conventions for your business needs and enjoy the fare this restaurant in Longueuil has to provide you. On Valentine’s Day you’ll be able to select from a classy menu in the Messina Longueuil meant especially for the occasion so as to celebrate your love with your soul mate. The romantic atmosphere together with a supper that will excite your senses will go a long way in making the evening at this restaurant at Longueuil one which you and your loved one will not forget in a hurry.You can even have your meals in this restaurant at Longueuil when it is holiday time such as Christmas or New Year or just as a means to cheer up during the cold winter days when the Messina Longueuil can help create a wonderful experience for you and your family. They even give you a gift card such as if it is your birthday that you can redeem there a while later or one to every employee if your company hosts a Christmas party there.

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So if you’re looking for a restaurant in Longueuil to host your birthday party or a conference, have a look at the Messina Longueuil right here!

Restaurants – Various Job Positions


Whether your interest lies in cooking or a part time serving gig, the career opportunities offered in restaurants are plentiful to hard working individuals. The environment fast paced, fun, and has a number of benefits. In this guide, we will outline some of the positions found in your day to day dining establishment.  HostA host is your individual helping customers with reservations, both in person and via phone, and who chairs patrons as soon as they arrive. Hosts should generally be well dressed, friendly, and can stand on their own two feet for long periods of time throughout their shift.  BartenderThese professionals are those responsible for serving alcoholic beverages of all types to bar patrons and servers alike. They’re responsible for maintaining bar stocks and providing friendly, helpful service to the clients. ServerA server is one who takes the orders and delivers food to the customers. Food RunnerThe task of the food runner is to help the servers in bringing orders to the table, making sure that each meal is delivered hot, fresh, and at the same time. Food runners should be cautious, quick, and capable of remembering which guest received which plate. They will also be asked to handle the pressure of working around a crowded kitchen.  Line CookA line cook is a person that commonly works with a team of other line cooks so as to prepare the food that’s ordered by the guests. Line cooks should expect to spend a reasonable amount of time chopping, cleaning, preparing, and standing in an area that’s quite often crowded and hot. They should work well under pressure, and keep cleanliness as a top priority.  Pastry CookA pastry cook is a particular food preparation professional who makes all of the goodies guests enjoy when the meal is through. These cooks are typically required to create many different sweets and baked items throughout their shift. Additionally, pastry cooks must keep a clean working environment and be able to give quality products while working in a stressful and fast paced environment. 

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Are you unemployed and looking for employment in restaurants, New Orleans has plenty of openings.  Do some research and find a job fast. For more information visit

Restaurants in Broughton Satisfies Your Craving for Delicious Food

There are a whole lot of sites which are dedicated especially for you to get all the information about the different kinds of food and where you can locate them. So for those who have no clue about the different restaurants, nevertheless you can update yourself from the internet. Surely you would get exactly what you want in different websites.

When you get some material then make sure you also check out some testimonials. Reviews are a really important source for you to find a reasonable evaluation about the operation of a specific restaurant or any other place. Through the testimonials you can find the information as to whether a place satisfies the tasteScience Articles, the way the ambience of the place is and a lot of other things. There are a number of review websites that also gives you the chance to book your seats with a specific eatery. This could prove to be quite convenient for you while you don’t have to go through the hassle of booking the table when you have to take your family out to dine. 

You would also get the opportunity to keep a track on the various promotions and discounts. It would provide you with a better price listing if you’re a regular member of the place. So if you see the place frequently then you’re aware as to where you have to head. Make use of all the required resources and eat like a modern man with fantastic convenience. Enjoy your perfect meal with a lot of ease and relaxation. So have a look at the restaurants Broughton and satisfy your craving to a number of the most delicious dishes and that too in attractive rates. For more information on Country Pubs Yorkshire see us oline. 

I went to eat at the WORST RESTAURANT in america

I went to eat at the WORST RESTAURANT in america

I asked my american viewers what was the most disappointing fast food restaurant they have ever been to. naturally i decided to go there for lunch. All you can eat pizza buffet, dessert pizza, cotton candy, etc. subscribe to more videos, thanks

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